.NET library to Record Audio with C# and VB .NET

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.NET library to record audio from any source (WASAPI, Loopback and LineIn) to many types of audio files using C# and VB .NET Framework and .NET Core.


About The CSAudioRecorder is a .NET library that allows you to record sound from any source, easily, using C#, VB and any other .NET language that support the .NET Framework and .NET Core platforms.

You can record sound from the microphone or any other audio device using the WASAPI and the LineIn (low level). Also, you can record just 'what you hear' using the WASAPI Loopback.

The destination audio format can be AAC, APE, MP2, MP3, OGG, ACM WAV, PCM WAV and WMA with a spesific samples, bitrate and channels.

You can do all this and more, fast and easily, with a few lines of source code only.

  • .NET library for .NET Framework and .NET Core.
  • For WPF / Winform / Console Apps.
  • Record audio from any audio device.
  • Also, record from Telephony / Voide Modem devices.
  • Low level recorder (LineIn Recorder).
  • High level recorder (WASAPI Recorder).
  • Record what you hear (WASAPI Loopback).
  • To 8+ types of audio formats:
    • AAC - Advanced Audio Coding
    • APE - Monkey's Audio
    • MP2 - MPEG Audio Layer II
    • MP3 - MPEG Audio Layer III
    • OGG - Vorbis Compressed
    • ACM WAV - Audio Compression Manager
    • PCM WAV - Waveform Audio Format
    • WMA - Windows Media Audio
  • Set the recording format:
    • 48Khz to 8Khz sample rates.
    • 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits depth.
    • Mono or stereo.
  • Unlimited recording time and length.
  • Silence detection.
  • Start to record when noise is detected.
  • Stop to record when silence is detected.
  • Record / Pause Record / Stop Record.
  • Get all installed audio devices.
  • Get the default audio device.
  • Get the recorded length on real time.
  • Get the recorded file size on real time.
  • Embedly audio visualization:
    • Set the color base.
    • Set the color max.
    • Set the interval.
    • Set the number of bars to display.
    • Set the spacing between the bars.
  • Embedly audio meter.
  • Built in ID3 editor:
    • Set any ID3 tag of the destination file.
    • Set the title, album, track#, comment, artist etc.
    • Set the ID3 image of the destination file.
  • Many relevant events.
  • Built in threads handling.
  • Safe exit.
  • Can be run as a library.
  • Easy to use.
  • For C# / VB / ASP .NET.
  • C# / VB .NET well documented examples.
  • Cut your developing time up to 80%.
  • Just import the library to your program and start to work immediately.
  • The source code of this component is also available.
  • Can be use in a FREE and commercial products.


Here is a snap example of using the CSAudioRecorder in order to record sound of what you hear (WASAPI Loopback) to MP3 using C#

  1. Download the CSAudioRecorder to your machine.
  2. Extract the compressed file (with 7-zip).
  3. Open the CSAudioRecorder.sln with Visual Studio.
FREE Download SDK
The CSAudioRecorder is available for FREE for learning or for FREE purposes, for commercial or any other use please order a license.
Order a license here
  • You can distribute the library with commercial products.
  • You will get your own UserName and UserKey.
  • The price is one-time-fee of $89 and it contains an online support.
  • The source code of the library is also available under MS-PL license.
  • We are using the MyCommerce├é┬« services in order to handle with the registration process.

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