Developers Components

All the components and the libraries which served us to develop all of our products are also available to be used by external developers.

Here are the list of our developers components:

.NET component to burn an Audio CD from standard WAV files.

.NET component to play an Audio CD with an Audio Graph and FreeDB support.

.NET component to rip tthe Audio CD tracks with FreeDB and ID3 tags support.

.NET component to convert, join and cut many types of audio files.

.NET component to play any type of audio file with a specific format.

.NET component to record audio from any source to many types of audio files.

Display the audio buffers of the selected audio device on an audio graph.

.NET component to burn DVDs and CDs from files and directories.

.NET component to get the information about an Audio CD using the FreeDB.

.NET component to edit the ID3 tags of many types of audio and video files.