Edit PCM WAV audio files on a graph, visualize on frequency graph, zoom range, save selections. Supports events, fast and user-friendly.

Built with the Classic Visual Basic 6 for VB6 / VS6 / ASP.

The full source code of this component is also available here.

About Elevate your audio editing experience with the power of this remarkable ActiveX component. Seamlessly edit PCM WAV audio files and visualize them on an immersive frequency graph with two channels, bringing your audio to life.

Also, explore a multitude of features including the ability to effortlessly zoom in on specific ranges, restore the original view, and even save your selected range as a separate WAV file. The possibilities are limitless and await your creative touch.

Designed for seamless integration, this component provides extensive event support, robust error handling, and lightning-fast performance. Embrace the intuitive user interface that ensures a smooth and enjoyable editing process.

Discover the true potential of audio editing with this exceptional ActiveX component. Unleash your creativity, enhance your projects, and experience the ease and efficiency that this tool brings to your fingertips.

  • Edit PCM WAV files with ease, directly on a graph.
  • Visualize PCM WAV files on an interactive graph for precise editing.
  • Zoom in on any desired selection area within the graph.
  • Save the selected area as a separate PCM WAV file.
  • Retrieve comprehensive information about the source files.
  • Experience fast and efficient performance.
  • Benefit from extensive event support.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage.
  • Robust error handling for a seamless editing experience.
  • Compatible with VB6, VC6, ASP, and other classic programming tools supporting OCX/ActiveX components.

  1. Download the VB6AudioEditor
  2. Extract the compressed file.
  3. Run the Install.bat as Administrator in order to register the component.
  4. Run the Example.
FREE Download SDK

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  • You can distribute the library with commercial products.
  • You will get your own UserName and UserKey.
  • The price is one-time-fee of $89 (USD) and it contains an online support.
  • The source code of the library is also available under MS-PL license.
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