Fax ActiveX component for VB6/VS6 devs. Send/receive faxes via 56K modem, customizable properties, direct AT command interaction, and more.

Built with the Classic Visual Basic 6 for VB6 / VS6 / ASP.

The full source code of this component is also available here.

About The VB6 Fax is an ActiveX (OCX) component written for the classic Visual Basic 6 / Visual Studio 6 developers that can handle with fax calls using 56K modem (data/voice).

The VB6 Fax component was designed to be use by beginner and advancer developers as well, you can send or receive faxes with a few source code lines only, with the ability to set all the possibly fax properties.

The VB6 Fax control works directly with the modem device (with AT commands), and it is not depends on the Windows Fax Services.

Low-level fax programming using modem AT commands offers advantages over Windows fax services: control and flexibility, compatibility with various modems, improved performance, customization, and easier debugging. Ideal for tailored faxing solutions and seamless integration.

The installation program of the VB6 Fax contains free trial version of the control, VB6 .NET samples, and CHM help file.

  • Send tiff files as fax.
  • Receive faxes and save them as tiff files.
  • Caller ID detection.
  • Set communication parameters: BaudRate, ByteSize, InitString, Parity, Port, StopBits, VoiceAnswer, VoiceAnswerTimeOut.
  • Customize fax properties: FaxClass, FaxCSID, PulseDialing, ReceiveBaud, ReceiveEncoding, SendBaud, SendECM, SendEncoding.
  • Retrieve a list of devices and their information.
  • Access local city/country codes.
  • Full log for tracking and analysis.
  • High-performance execution.
  • Robust error handling.
  • Support for numerous events.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with VB6, VC6, ASP, and other classic programming tools supporting OCX/ActiveX components.

  1. Download the VB6Fax
  2. Extract the compressed file.
  3. Run the Install.bat as Administrator in order to register the component.
  4. Run the Example.
FREE Download SDK

Order a license here
  • You can distribute the library with commercial products.
  • You will get your own UserName and UserKey.
  • The price is one-time-fee of $89 (USD) and it contains an online support.
  • The source code of the library is also available under MS-PL license.
  • We are using the MyCommerce® services in order to handle with the registration process.

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