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CSAudioConverter Namespace

Public classAudioConverter
The AudioConverter main class.
Public classFFMpegFormat
The FFMpeg format type.
Public classMessageArgs
The variant of the error event.
Public classPercentArgs
The variant of the progress event.
Public enumerationACM_FORMAT
The ACM format mode. You can get the ACM codecs and fromat acording to the value of this enum.
Public enumerationBitrate
The bitrate of the destination audio file.
Public enumerationBits
The bit-depth of the destination audio file.
Public enumerationChannels
The number of channels of the destination audio file.
Public enumerationDecodeMode
The decoder mode of the operation. this can be the LocalCodecs which will use the codecs that installed on the system, or FFMpeg which will use the FFMpeg libraries.If you decide to use the FFMpeg libraries, please make sure the FFMpeg folder with dll files is existed under the output directory of the project.
Public enumerationFormat
The format of the destination file, this can be AAC, ACM (WAV), APE, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV (PCM), and WMA.
Public enumerationOperationState
The operation state of the control. This can be Ready, Running and Paused.
Public enumerationSamplerate
The samplerate of the destination audio file.